Coronavirus has rekindled End Times prophecy. Public domain

Prophecy — Who Needs It?

Coronavirus has rekindled End Times prophecy. How should we relate to this?


There’s been plenty of prediction, prophecy and peril forecasted these days. Some of it rings true, much only confuses, but what to make of it all?

Why do we even need prophecy? Is there a purpose in prophecy that can help us in times of trouble?

Daniel, who was known for his gift to interpret dreams and see into the future, helps us understand why prophecy is important particularly in times like this.

It’s a Beast

Daniel sees Four Beasts in a vision. He asks for the interpretation and is told that these monsters are four kingdoms that will arise in the earth before “the Son of Man (Messiah) will come and establish His Kingdom” (Dan 7: 15-28).

What’s happening?

To get what’s going on here, we need to understand that Daniel is having these dreams while in captivity in Babylon together with the Jewish Nation (much of his prophecy is written in Aramaic).

Cyrus, a Persian King will soon defeat the Babylonians and consolidate his empire. Then, just one year later, in…