Canada: Israel’s Peace Partners are Terrorists

Canadian court upholds ruling that called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party a terror group

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Canada’s Federal Court last week upheld a decision that basically labeled Israel’s purported “peace partners” in the Palestinian Authority as terrorists.

Earlier, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada had denied asylum to Akram Muslih Anteer, a Palestinian man living in Sweden, because of his connection to Fatah.

Fatah is the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It is the largest and most dominant faction in the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.

The Canadians determined that “Fatah did not entirely disassociate itself from acts of terrorism against the Israeli state even after renouncing armed struggle and…the most notorious faction within Fatah, the AAMB (Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades), did not exist separately from Fatah as a whole.”

Unlike most Western power brokers, the Canadian government paid attention to the evidence demonstrating that “Fatah engaged in acts of violence and terrorism both before the denunciation of terrorism in 1989 and, through the AAMB, during the Second Intifada from 2000 to at least 2007.”

Many Israeli leaders, both left- and right-wing, have long maintained that they have no genuine partner for peace in the Palestinian Authority. It would seem the Canadians agree.

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