Chosen people Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Chosen People, Not Superior Race

This is why accusing Jews of racism is nothing short of antisemitism


On January 12th, CNN posted a tweet with the title of Sam Kiley‘s piece about Israel, “Israel isn’t a democracy, it’s an ‘apartheid regime,’ rights group says.” Kiley based his article on a report from the extreme-left B’tselem in order to vilify Israel. CNN later deleted the tweet.

What should catch our attention here is that this antisemitic smear was tweeted after it was clear that Joe Biden had won the presidential election, suggesting that CNN thought that vilifying Israel would go well with the new administration. That is until, it seems, some complaints compelled them to take it down.

What is so interesting about those propagating the “apartheid regime” lie, including the popular Hebrew daily Haaretz, is that they are perfectly at ease with the invention called the “Palestinian people,” who publicly declare a Judenrein policy, if and when...


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