MembersChrist at the Checkpoint: Love Jesus, Hate Israel!

Every two years, the Christ at the Checkpoint conference creates great discontent.

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Photo: Sliman Khader / Flash90

On the one hand, the event’s Palestinian Christian organizers preach reconciliation, but on the other seek to delegitimize Israel. Their underlying message: Love Jesus, but hate Israel!

Bethlehem Bible College has hosted this conference since 2010. In Hebrew it is translated as “Yeshu Be’Machssom” and is heavily criticized. The Israel Foreign Ministry confirmed to Israel Today: “The conference is hostile to Israel.” In May 2018, it will be held for the fifth time in neighboring Bethlehem.

The Hebrew press is able to detect nothing but hate from Christ at the Checkpoint. Israel’s largest circulation newspaper, Israel Hayom, views it as an expression of Christian antisemitism. “The Palestinians play the role of Jesus, and we, the Jews, play the evil soldiers who, on Herod’s command, should murder the Savior in Bethlehem,” wrote Dror Ider. The Jerusalem Post regards the conference as “evangelical terror,” and the Hebrew daily magazine Mida described in a detailed article how the Christian Palestinian Awad family, which runs Bethlehem Bible College, was using clever “nuance” to advance an antisemitic agenda. According to NGO Monitor, Christ...

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