Christian Oil Company Finishes Drilling New Well in Israel

Zion Oil & Gas reports “encouraging” signs as it enters testing phase at drilling site in northern Israel

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Oil
Photo: Zion Oil & Gas

Zion Oil & Gas, a Christian-run oil company based in Dallas and Caesarea, announced this week that it had completed the drilling phase of its new well in Israel’s Jezreel Valley.

“We are thankful for the successful completion of our drilling phase,” said Zion Oil & Gas CEO Robert Dunn in a press release published this week. “We are eager to move forward with testing immediately based on encouraging hydrocarbon shows.”

Now begins a process of what Zion called “detailed and comprehensive tests including neutron-density, sonic, gamma, and resistivity logs, paired with well testing.”

Israel Today has written on and interviewed official from Zion Oil on several occasions.

The State of Israel currently produces just a few thousand barrels of oil a day, meaning it relies heavily on imports. Zion remains confident that there is a far larger oil reserve below the Holy Land that can meet Israel’s domestic needs. This would be in accordance with biblical promises related to Israel’s restoration.

Zion Oil “exists because of God’s faithfulness to Israel,” company founder John Brown told Israel Today in 2011.

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