Christian Tourist Arrested After Attacking Israeli Guard

Says he was sent by Jesus, but did his divine instructions include attacking Israelis?

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A 31-year-old American Christian tourist was arrested near the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) last week after he violently attacked a local security guard and threatened police.

The man, who was traveling with his wife and young son, inexplicably arrived at the Galilee community of Almagor and began attacking with a metal rod the security guard manning the gate.

He then fled into a nearby grove where police chased him down.

The man continued to use the rod to threaten police officers, even after being hit by a taser gun.

Following his arrest, the man’s wife told police her husband had heard from Jesus that he was to destroy his credit cards and travel to northern Israel.

She didn’t say whether or not the divine instructions included physically assaulting Jesus’ Israeli brethren.

Unfortunate incidents like these only serve to keep many Israelis skeptical of Christians and the message of Yeshua (Jesus).

PHOTO: Illustration – Israel Police respond to a violent crime. Moti Karelitz/FLASH90

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