MembersChristianity as the Prototype of Jewish Messianism

The Jewish disciples of Jesus as groundbreaking innovative religious thinkers

By Solomon Kirsch | | Topics: Jesus, Messiah, Jewish Messianism
Christianity is the prototype of Jewish messianism
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

This series deals with defining what Jewish messianism is, and though there are different opinions, the classic tenets which are widely accepted are:

  • Messiah is King of Israel and the son of David;
  • Messiah is the Redeemer of Israel and plays a leading role in the eschatological apocalyptic redemption;
  • The Temple is part of the messianic redemption.

When we speak of “Messianism,” this must also include a messianic figure, and relate to the Bible and prophecies. The fact of the matter is that for the Jewish people today, and through history, there is a basic concept of a messianic figure. However, people do not necessarily understand exactly what that means, how it came about, how the concept of a Messiah has been interpreted, or what shape the Messiah will take.

Historically, there are not many cases of a figure believed by others, and by himself, to be the legendary Messiah. Except, of course, early Christianity as described in the New Testament writings....

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