Palestinian incitement will exploit any situation.

Corona and Killer Cartoons

Palestinian incitement is adaptive, and has taken full advantage of the coronavirus crisis


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic three months ago, many influential Palestinians have ridiculously claimed that Israel is using COVID-19 as a biological weapon against them, and is maliciously spreading the virus across the Palestinian areas.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh launched this “Corona Campaign.” Almost immediately, other senior Palestinian officials, such as the government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem, the health minister and city mayors, issued similar statements of incitement. They claimed Israel spread the virus through the presence of nearby infected Jewish settlers and by infected Palestinian workers returning from work in Israel.


Comparisons between the coronavirus and the “Israeli occupation” are the latest trend in Palestinian political cartoons.

Killer cartoons

This week, the new trend in Palestinian incitement is inspired by the large rock with which a Palestinian killed IDF soldier Amit Ben Yigal on Tuesday. The new campaign is widely circulated on social networks. Many cartoons have…