MembersDid the Messiah, the Apostles and the Angels Speak Hebrew?

Is it possible to recover the words of Yeshua (Jesus) according to His spoken language?

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Yeshua, Hebrew
Did Yeshua speak Hebrew?
Photo: Public domain

Modern studies conclude that the Messiah Yeshua and His first Jewish disciples were Hebrew speakers when communicating with Jewish people. And that probably even the heavenly angels spoke to mortal Jews in Hebrew. According to Dr. Randall Buth the daily spoken language in Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel, at the time of the Lord Yeshua was Hebrew, not only Aramaic. This conclusion refutes the long-held hypothesis that Aramaic was behind the Greek text in 1st century Eretz Israel.


Hebrew versus Aramiac

The issue of Hebrew versus Aramaic during the ministry of the Lord Yeshua and His first disciples/apostles becomes meaningful particularly when reading not only the four Gospels, but also the Acts of the Apostles and Revelation. In more than one case the text explicitly mentions that names of biblical sites had Hebrew roots and talks given on special occasions were also delivered in Hebrew which is HEBRAISTI or HEBRAIS in the original Greek manuscripts.

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