MembersWhy Don’t the Rabbis Believe in a Suffering Messiah?

A closer examination of what Jewish sages have to say about Messiah might surprise many of our readers

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Jesus, Yeshua
Why won't the rabbis accept a suffering Messiah?
Photo: Public domain

A savior Messiah that gives his life in love for his people. What a radical, unparalleled idea in human history. “God is love” just happens to be the greatest religious, philosophical, and moral concept ever given to the world, and it was given to us “from the Jews.”

How is it that His own people know him not? This love that is fully known to us through Him who “laid down His life for another,” how can it be that the Jewish Messiah who demonstrated that “love is the greatest of all,” remains foreign to their ears? This exquisite, surprising love, which cannot be surpassed by any other faith, culture or religion in the world, and has been changing the lives of people around the globe for thousands of years showing no signs of weakening in its power to inspire future generations, how do the rabbis not recognize Him?

The Jewish people to whom it was given to put pen to this idea of all ideas must have understood what they were saying when they contemplated a Messiah who demonstrates...

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