MembersDo Progressive Liberals Get Something Right?

If we listen, we will find that many of the ideals promoted by what we call liberals and progressives today are divine truths

The search for truth becomes impossible if we encase ourselves in dogmatic opinions and positions. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

It was not long ago that women were not allowed to vote, drive a car, or teach in a church. Today it is considered bigotry and intolerance to persecute someone because of their religious beliefs, a practice that was unquestionable for centuries.

As the world changes, so do the moral values acceptable in society and in religion. How then should we who want to live a life of faithfulness to the God of Israel address the liberal and progressive values so prevalent in our age?


Truth can be found everywhere

To find divine truth and guidance through the maze of the burning ethical and moral questions that confront us almost daily, we must be willing to look in unlikely places.

”The Highest type of thinking… never rejects any idea in the world. Instead, it purifies it and guides it toward the good.” This saying from Rav Kook (pronounced “cook”), Israel’s first Chief Rabbi, inspired the title of this brief essay.

To find truth, be it divine principles, scientific proofs or moral guidelines, the seeker...

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