Druze lynch two wounded Syrians on Israel’s Golan Heights

The Druze in the Israeli Golan Heights have a problem with Israel’s treatment of Syrian wounded in Israeli hospitals. Overnight Tuesday, about 150 Druze ambushed an IDF ambulance lynching the wounded Syrian occupants.

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The Druze in the Israeli Golan Heights have a problem with Israel’s treatment of Syrian wounded in Israeli hospitals. Overnight Tuesday, about 150 Druze ambushed an Israeli Defense Forces ambulance on its way to hospital from the Syrian border and beat one of the two wounded Syrians to death. Two soldiers, one of them a doctor, in the ambulance were also injured. The Druze position is that the opposition to Assad’s army their Druze brothers in Syria are rebels and not civilians. Israel has decided to beef up their security around Syrian wounded in northern hospitals. Syrian television praised the lynching of the Syrian rebels in Israel stating, “This is a heroic deed. These two terrorists died after heroes attacked the Zionist ambulance on the occupied Golan.”

An Israeli Druze from Majdal Shams said in an interview to Israel Radio, “We must kill all Syrian wounded in Israel. They murder our family members in Syria. These people deserve no treatment in Israel. Israel’s government must understand that we will not sit still. We will avenge our families in Syria.”

An IDF spokesperson stressed time and again that those being treated are Syrian citizens and Israel does this out of consideration for the Syrian civilians. Over a year ago Israel Today met with four Syrian casualties in Ziv Hospital. Although not admitting that they were rebels, this was made clear to us by the types of wounds and “reading between the lines.”

According to the Israeli commentator Ron Ben-Yishai, the Israeli Druze on the Golan Heights have been trying to implicate Israel in an undesired war with Syria. “For a long time the Druze have been spreading the rumor that Israel supports the Syrian rebels and especially the Islamist terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra in the eastern sector of ​​the Golan heights for tactical reasons. This guarantee to Israel border calm and fight Assad Sold types and the Hezbollah. According to the Druze, Israel not only treats wounded rebels, but supplies these rebels with weapons. “This has nothing to do with the truth,” and according to Ben-Yishai Israel helps the Syrian injured only on humanitarian grounds.

Israel is currently in a dilemma, whether to save the lives of about 500,000 Syrian Druze in an emergency, when the Syrian rebels attack. So far, the Druze have rejected an escape to Israel and Lebanon from Syria. The problem is that the Druze are connected in Syria as a minority and support the Assad government, which belongs to the Alawite minority in Syria and are backed by Hezbollah and Iran. The Druze are therefor supportive of Assad and are connected with Iran and the Shiites.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the rising tensions in Israel’s northern Druze communities on Tuesday morning saying, “that authorities wound capture those responsible for the lynch mob that attacked an IDF ambulance on Monday night. We are a State of laws,” said Netanyahu. “We are not part of the anarchy that’s spreading around us. We won’t let anyone take the law into their hands; we won’t let anyone interfere in the missions of IDF soldiers.”

UPDATE: Ten Druze suspects were arrested in connection with the lynch after raids on Golan Druze villages by Israel Police overnight Tuesday.

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