Every Single American is Complicit in Palestinian Terrorism

Americans can thank their government for making them complicit in terror that targets both Israel and America

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We've written a number of times on how the Palestinian Authority abuses its vast foreign financial aid to underwrite terrorism against Israel (and anyone else caught in the crossfire).

We've also highlighted how the bulk of this funding comes from Europe and the United States, despite laws in both places forbidding the use of taxpayer money to facilitate terrorism, either directly or indirectly.

And yet, the money keeps flowing.

This we all know.

But Jonathan Feldstein writing for Breaking Israel News put the situation in context in such a way that should make every American pause and feel ashamed. And then get furious and demand a change of course.

Feldstein writes:

"The US alone provides the PA with $300 million annually.  At that rate, every American is actually underwriting a 'terror tax' of almost $1 each.  Therefore, at least indirectly, all Americans are paying the families of murderers of US citizens and others, encouraging more terrorism and death."

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