Hawaiian Christian warrior fights for Israel. Nadav Zadok Yair

Exclusive: Jesus Ninja Fights for Israel

The fascinating story of how a devoted follower of Jesus and martial arts expert from a tiny island in the South Pacific is training the armies of Israel.

He was born 65 years ago on the island of Kwai, one of Hawaii’s eight islands. Before immigrating to Israel his name was Melua Noi Ao Iea, and today he is called Nadav Zadok Yair. In what can only be described as a divine act of God on behalf of the Jewish people and “for Zion’s sake,” the story of Yair begins at the age of 9, when he was chosen to train in the ancient arts of Hawaiian warfare. “I trained daily until I was 21,” Yair told Israel Today, “and only then was I ready.”   A Chosen…