MembersTerror and Jesus as Cures for Corona

Kill a Jew or convert a Jew, that’s how to halt the pandemic, insist Muslim and Christian extremists

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Antisemitism, Bible, Terror
Rick Wiles has predictably blamed the Jews for the coronavirus pandemic.
Photo: YouTube screenshot

There are cases in which Evangelical Christian pastors come across as bizarre and absurd as radical Muslim clerics.

Over the past few weeks we have reportedly several times on Muslim extremists who blame the Jews for the global coronavirus pandemic. Blaming the Jews for any and every calamity is a phenomenon nearly as old as time itself.

But pointing an accusing finger at the Jews is not something exclusive to the Muslims. In recent years we have seen a resurgence of this brand of antisemitism among Christians, too. To sell their conspiracies, both Muslims and Christians invent wild tales of how Jews are the hated foes of all mankind. They differ only in their suggested solutions to this problem.


Kill a Jew, become immune

A Muslim “scholar” from Jordan last month said that the Jews are far worse than the coronavirus, and that the faithful must not forget, even amid the current chaos, to fight for the liberation of “Palestine.”

More than that, he insisted that those who do continue to engage in this battle are also...

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