Robert Boyle advanced both scientific knowledge and understanding of Christianity's Hebrew roots. Public domain

Fathers of Modern Science Discover Hebrew Roots of Faith

The “Hebrew Roots” movement started earlier than many realize, and among the world’s top scientific minds

by David Shishkoff

Who would have imagined that some of the fathers of modern science were also forerunners of modern “Messianic Gentiles”? They were Christians who embraced aspects of the Messianic Jewish vision before our time. Pioneering English scientists Isaac Newton and John Ray were both Hebraists (passionate students of biblical Hebrew) who might today be called “Messianic Gentiles.” I’ve become fascinated with the life and writings of their contemporary Robert Boyle, who was both a brilliant scientist and an avid Hebrew scholar. Boyle saw more clearly than possibly anyone in his era, the interconnectedness of Old and New Testament.

Anglo-Irish Robert Boyle (1627-1691) is known as the father of modern chemistry. He helped invent a method of scientific experimentation which has propelled science and technology for the last three centuries, from his early air pumps to our latest electronic gadgets. Boyle was also a most remarkable example of a pious, Bible-believing scientist. His biblical faith was deeply flavored by Hebraism. Although he grew up in a Christian home, it was exposure to Jews having discourses about the...


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