One day on the Jewish calendar is dedicated entirely to cleansing the soul and peeling off the unnecessary layers we have accumulated.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Yom Kippur
Forgiveness is essential to our souls. Photo by Shutterstock.
Forgiveness is essential to our souls. Photo by Shutterstock.

Our soul asks for all our attention on this day.

For one moment, we are asked to take stock of what was and can be parted with, and what should remains with us.

If we listen to our soul and take a moment for introspection, we can go through a very significant process on Yom Kippur and enjoy a richer life that enables inner well-being and the ability to better deal with life’s challenges.

Yom Kippur is a time for silence, it is a silence that removes the daily noises and leaves a lot of space for self-analysis, a home inspection, which opens the door to forgiveness and a thorough cleaning of the unnecessary.

Forgiveness is the main motto on Yom Kippur and in order to be able to ascend to this place and truly be in a state of forgiveness, one must connect with the Creator, with God.

Only through this exciting connection will it be possible to gain further insights.

Our true connection with God and with ourselves requires absolute silence.

It requires an environment free of stimuli, or electronic devices. Truly absolute silence.

It’s so quiet that we’re bored.

A day to fully disconnect from the material.

Because only when there is a complete detachment from stimuli can we hear the noise we have inside, and the inner voices that arise.

To this silence we also add fasting, as it helps even more to focus on being in the moment.

This state brings our inner truth out into the light and the feeling is of sharp focus and clarity.

These can be difficult moments because as soon as there is complete silence and focus on being, thoughts begin to flood and fears rise and the inner noise intensifies.

And the things we store and keep inside us begin to rise to the top.

When these things surface and we direct our attention to them, we can truly create a deep inner connection with God. And we can begin to understand ourselves better.

And precisely in these moments it is possible and desirable to pray, because then our prayer is incredibly accurate.

And the guidance that comes after the prayer is also accurate and helps us to improve our lives.

Real cleansing, it’s just like a shower for the soul and that’s where our ability to forgive comes from. First to forgive ourselves, because it is not possible to forgive another without forgiving ourselves.

What should we forgive ourselves for?

For everything we promised ourselves, and didn’t keep.

About what we wanted to do and failed at. Or for the times we gave up too soon.

No one lacks reasons to forgive themselves. Because we have all sinned, committed a crime, betrayed.

And we only have to thank our Lord and ask for mercy. We have sinned before you, have mercy on us.

And only after that it is also advisable to ask for real forgiveness from another person with whom we messed up.

It is human, it connects, and it purifies.

The feeling afterwards is much lighter.

Wars can end in one clean and clear moment of looking at a brother realizing that he is just like us.

Because we are all one.

“Forgiveness is rediscovering the shining path of peace.”

Yom Kippur is easy and essential.


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