Gaza Residents Slam Hamas in Mass Social Media Events

With nothing left to lose, the Palestinians of Gaza go online under the hashtag #TheyKidnappedGaza, “they” being Hamas

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza Strip
The people of Gaza are fed up with Hamas' ineffective, corrupt and heavily-handed military rule.
The people of Gaza are fed up with Hamas' ineffective, corrupt and heavily-handed military rule. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90

After years of cowering under brutal Hamas rule, the residents of the Gaza Strip seem to have nothing left to lose and are beginning to publicly lay the blame for the coastal enclave’s dire situation where it belongs: on their terrorist overlords.

Hamas, like most Palestinian apologists, would like you to continue believing that Gaza is wallowing in squalor because of Israel.

But a series of online social media “events” by local Gazans aren’t taking place under hashtags decrying the so-called Israeli “siege.” No, the hashtag Gazans are using these days is #TheyKidnappedGaza – “they” being Hamas.

Those addressing these events are of course still critical of Israel. At the same time they acknowledge that Gaza’s fortunes would be greatly improved without Hamas.

Hamas rose to popularity thanks to its successful wave of terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews and its local charitable work. In Palestinian society, the two go hand-in-hand. In 2006, the last time the Palestinians had an election, Hamas won a majority in the Palestinian parliament. But when it wasn’t allowed to form the next government, Hamas responded by violently seizing control of Gaza. The ensuing years have given local residents a chance to realize the mistake of voting for the Islamist group.

Having tasted power, Hamas quickly became as corrupt as the Palestinian Authority it so often accuses of corruption. Nor was the group ever effective at basic governance. That’s not its raison d’être.

And until now local residents felt they had no voice. Any criticism of the Hamas regime was not permitted.

“In Gaza, you’re told to shut up. Don’t you dare give voice to your pain. Because the shadow of the Internal Security forces is always pursuing your thoughts,” said one Gaza resident.

These online events are taking place primarily on Twitter Spaces and are, or at least initially were being organized by Gazans who had previously fled and are living abroad.

Even before Gazans were ready to publicly criticize Hamas en masse, Israel Today spoke to a number of local Palestinians who told us that life under the terror group has made them long for Israeli “occupation.”

“I know lots of people who supported Hamas in the past, but became disillusioned with their policies,” said one Gaza man. “Many now believe that Israeli occupation is preferable. At least the Israelis take responsibility for their actions.”

Read the full article here: “We’d Even Prefer Israeli Occupation”

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