Gazans Send Flaming Kites Into Southern Israel

Hamas and its terrorist allies find a new way to harass Israel; flaming kites have burned 25 acres of wheat fields so far

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Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip have a new tactic for causing mayhem in the Jewish state – flaming kites.

Unable to breach the Gaza security fence as their Hamas overlords so ordered, local "activists" have taken to affixing flammable material to kites and sending them flying into Israel's adjacent Negev region.

Hamas officials said the airborne fire-starters were aimed at creating "panic and attrition among the enemy."

Farmers in southern Israel say the kites have thus far resulting in the burning of at least 25 acres of wheat fields.

"We are dealing with a new, destructive and dangerous phenomenon that it gaining momentum. Almost every day, we see the kites flying towards us," one farmer told Israel's Ynet news portal.

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