MembersGaza’s Suffering is Entirely Self-Inflicted

There’s been a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/peace process.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

And, while it’s probably not the kind of breakthrough for which the international community was hoping, it nevertheless holds the possibility of genuine progress.

For the first time since the start of the so-called “Oslo” peace process, the international community’s primary peace broker, the United States, has publicly (the distinction is important) agreed with Israel that the suffering of the Palestinians is of their own making. It’s probably safe to assume that American administrations have privately concurred with Israel on this matter, but have never been able (or willing) to say so openly for fear of the Arab backlash. Former US President Bill Clinton went so far as to publicly criticize the Palestinian leadership for turning down Jerusalem’s most generous offer yet, but still ultimately laid blame for the squalid situation on the ground at Israel’s doorstep.

US President Donald Trump isn’t taking the same approach. First, it’s just not in his nature to do so. Second, the Arab world today is facing numerous crises that mean they need America more than America needs them....

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