Good Morning, Israel: The Adventures of the Bible

Why are people interested in Israel at all?

By Michael Selutin |
The story of the Bible and Israel continues in our day.
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Boker Tov dear readers!

I recently had a long conversation with an old friend from Germany and showed him the Israel Today website. Although I look at it every day, this time I had a different point of view as I imagined what kind of impression the content of Israel Today must have on my friend. 

He is a devout Christian, but has no particular interest in Israel. But even a cursory scan of the headlines on the Israel Today website will reveal that we believe the Jewish state is very important to the Christian faith. Headlines such as “Do Recent Israel Floods Represent Fulfillment of Prophecy?”, “Who Killed Jesus?” and even “ANALYSIS: Putin’s Special Relationship With Israel and the Jews” should be of great interest to anyone who reads and believes in the Bible.


Israel and the Bible

I suspect that Christians who support Israel must have realized that the Israel of today is the very same nation that plays the leading role in the Bible. In addition to laying out instructions for holy living, the Bible is the story of Israel. 

How it came into being, how it emerged from Egypt, went on various adventures in the desert, conquered the land of Canaan with Joshua, dwelled there for centuries under judges and kings, and was finally exiled. But the Bible does not end with Israel’s expulsion. It continues in exile. For instance, the Purim story takes place during the Persian exile, and the Hanukkah story during the Greek occupation.

Nor does the story of Israel end when one reaches the last page of the Bible. Life in Europe during the dark ages, the Enlightenment and the modern age, all of this is part of the adventures of Israel. One could even say it is a continuation of the biblical story.

After all, the creation of modern Israel is the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy regarding the return of our people to the Promised Land. And it is happening before our eyes in such a way that every Bible-believer should recognize that something supernatural is going on here.

Nowadays we have the opportunity to follow Israel’s adventures in real time. At Israel Today we try not only to report on what is happening in the country, but also to illuminate it from a biblical perspective. Our work gives our Christian friends abroad the opportunity to pursue the works of God in Israel, while for us Israelis it is a reminder of the big picture that we often lose sight of in everyday life.


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