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MembersGPS Guides the Way – or Does It?

I spent three days with my wife Anat, who accompanied me on a brief business trip to Holland.

For the journey from Schiphol Airport to Maastricht, I decided to rely on the rental car’s navigation system. After about 12 miles (20 km), I was instructed to take an alternative route because of road work and traffic jams. It didn’t look right to me, but who am I to call into question modern technology?


Just to be sure, I asked Anat to check on her smartphone to see what our Israeli navigation system Waze had to say on the matter. Waze recommended we turn off to the right after 15 miles (25 km). But the car’s system instructed us to turn left in 9 miles (14 km).


Now, either the systems are going crazy, or I am! One of them is speaking English, the other Hebrew. So here we are,...

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