Grandma’s contribution to the war effort

My mother, who will be 80 in two months, has not sat still since the moment all this started.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Photo: Anat Schneider

In the first days she was mostly frightened. After she calmed down a bit, she moved to the kitchen and started preparing food in quantities as if an entire military battalion was living in her house and she had to feed them.

It’s her way of calming herself down and feeling useful.

And when she realizes that she has exaggerated, she calls us (her children) and invites us to eat the dishes she has prepared, or she sends them to us. We definitely savor her food – my mother is an excellent cook. Then last night my son, Moran, who has been called up on active reserve duty since the first day of the war, asked me:

“Say mom, do you think grandma could make my team and me a pot of stuffed vegetables?”

The truth is, nothing beats my mother’s stuffed vegetables. They are a real pleasure to the palate. Cabbage, grape leaves, zucchini – all together in the same pot filled with a special spiced stuffing she prepares – a delicacy by all accounts.

When my mother heard her grandson’s request, she immediately volunteered for the “mission.” She prepared a huge pot, and on Sunday evening we went south, Aviel and I, to give the pot of delicacies to Moran and his soldiers. And here is Moran’s response after everyone had eaten his fill:

“Grandma, you should know that the guys devoured your food down to the last morsel. It was delicious, like only you know how to make it! The gang thanks you and conveys their love!”

I posted the response on my Facebook page, and it was funny to read the comments. Many wanted to volunteer at that moment to join Moran’s IDF squad. It turns out that for good stuffed vegetables, people will do almost anything.

A little sanity in these crazy days.