Hamas-Led Gaza Mobs Fly Nazi Flag in Confronting Israel

Can any demonstration be reasonably classified as ‘peaceful’ if it makes use of Nazi symbols?

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In most Western countries, a demonstration that utilizes Nazi imagery would never be characterized as "peaceful" in nature because, well, the Nazi agenda is anything but peaceful.

So, one must wonder why the international mainstream media is busy describing the Palestinian demonstrations along the Gaza security fence in such terms.

Forget the thousands of burning tires, the hurling of stones and firebombs and the underreported use of guns and makeshift explosives. The fact that those participating in Friday's Gaza riot flew a flag adorned with a swastika should tell one everything he or she needs to know about the nature of this "peaceful demonstration."

But, just in case the message was lost in translation, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified:

"I salute the soldiers of the IDF who keep us safe…from those who pretend to speak of human rights, while holding a Nazi flag. Here is the naked truth. They speak of human rights, but they really want to crush the Jewish state. We won’t let them. We’ll stand strong. We’ll keep our country safe."

The Nazi flag and the ideology behind it mean but one thing for both Israel and the Palestinian nationalist movement – the eradication of the Jewish people.

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