Have a Very Gaza Christmas

Christmas is making major inroads even into Gaza’s Islamist society

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Christmas
Christmas in the Gaza Strip
Photo: Majdi Fathi/TPS

There’s no surer sign that Christmas is gaining in popularity in the region than the fact that even in the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip, locals are getting in the holiday spirit.

While Islamist clerics in other parts of the Middle East are doing their best to ban Christmas, Hamas seems to be somewhat powerless to stop the holiday in Gaza.

Gaza is home to very few Christians, so most of those seen getting into the Christmas spirit are in fact local Muslims, just like the little girl and her mother in the above photo.

Muslim women get their picture taken with the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus serves diners at a popular beachfront cafe in Gaza City.

A sewing workshop in Gaza City produces Christmas themed coronavirus face masks.

In some parts of the Middle East, the imams have banned public expressions of Christmas joy. But in Gaza, Muslim women will be showing off their Christmas spirit by wearing these masks.

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