Help for Victims and Survivors of Terrorist Attacks

Would you be willing to reach out and love Israelis whose lives have been shattered?

By Israel Today Staff |

There haven’t been many terrorist attacks in Israel since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. But the effects of terrorism last far beyond the terrible incident itself.

So many Israelis will live with the wounds, scars and disabilities inflicted upon them for the rest of their lives. And many more have been deprived of loved ones and the ability to make ends meet.

ZAKA – (Zehut Korbanot Ason) Disaster Victims Identification is a volunteer organization that takes care of the victims of terrorist attacks as well as their families. One of the main reasons these families suffer is the financial hardship that arises when a primary breadwinner dies.

ZAKA approached Israel Today with a request for financial support, and we knew that our readers would be ready to answer the call.

Please reach out and help us to help these children!

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