MembersHoly and Impoverished

Although Jerusalem, the Holy City, has a glorious history, it is nevertheless one of the poorest cities in Israel.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: FOCUS ON JERUSALEM
Mahane Yehuda Market
Photo: Photo by Liba Farkash/FLASH90

According to a recent report published by the Israel Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem’s socio-economic rating has only fallen in recent years. Among 255 cities, towns and local councils, Israel’s capital ranks toward the bottom, at number 206. The wealthiest towns are Savion and Kfar Shmaryhahu, while Tel Aviv ranks 34th and Haifa comes in at number 85.

Jerusalem is also Israel’s largest city, with almost 900,000 inhabitants, 500,000 of whom are Jews and 400,000 Arabs. According to the Jerusalem Institute for Political Research, every second Jerusalemite lives beneath the poverty line. Every fourth Jewish child in Jerusalem and no less than 86 percent of all Arab children in the city are regarded as poor. The overriding poverty in Jerusalem can be attributed to the fact that only 66 percent of the city’s working-age residents actually work, as opposed to over 90 percent in Tel Aviv. In Jerusalem, 77 percent of men and only 58 percent of women are employed. In Tel Aviv,...

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