MembersHow the Gentile Churches Distanced Themselves From their Jewish Roots (Part 5)

Messianic Jews and Christians must restore the Jewish and biblical roots of their faith.

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Messianic History
Photo: Abed Abed / Flash90

During the early centuries of the Common Era the young and inexperienced Gentile churches had slowly yet systematically ruled that all Jewish practices, such as the lunar calendar, circumcision on the eighth-day, and the 7th day Sabbath among Christians be prohibited. Consequently, for more than 1500 years any Jewish Yeshua-believer (JYB) who wished to join a Gentile Christian community was forced to abandon significant biblical commandments that were observed both by the Lord Yeshua and by his first disciples. For example, the Lord himself was circumcised (Luke 2:21), and together with his apostles he celebrated the Passover meal (Matt 26:17-18) and observed the festival of Sukkot [Booths] (John 7: 2-14).

Furthermore, it was Messiah Yeshua who explicitly...

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