MembersWho Ordains Messianic Jewish Pastors? (Part 4)

The Church has long stifled the development of an independent Messianic Jewish theology, and many Messianic Jews go along with that

By Gershon Nerel | | Topics: Messianic History
Illustration. Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

The ‘proper’ ordination of Messianic Jewish pastors and teachers, formally authorizing them to preach and lead, is a controversial topic within ecclesiastical circles. Who holds the authorization to grant approval to teach or interpret Scripture in Israel in an acceptable way?

Historically, not individuals, but Messianic Jewish congregations had disappeared between the 4th and 19th centuries AD. Since the fading out of Messianic Jewish communities in the Byzantine period in Eretz Israel, the Gentile churches seized the entitlement to ordain pastors and teachers, including those having Jewish ancestry. This meant that Messianic Jewish Yeshua-believers (MJYB) who wished to receive ecclesiastical ordination in order to become authorized pastors or teachers had to strictly abide by the churches’ doctrinal creeds. As candidates to such influential posts, MJYB could not avoid the dogmatic curriculum of the educational institution that conferred the license for the desired pastoral or leading positions.


Gentile Christians question Messianic Jewish theology

In the New Testament period, however, the matter of...

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