Making order of Messianic Jewish history in Israel Shutterstock

Why Is Messianic Jewish Historiography Important? (Part 1)

Join us as we endeavor to bring order to the corpus of Messianic Jewish history in Eretz Israel and beyond


Many Christians and Jews raise important questions about Messianic Jews who believe in the Lord Yeshua in Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel. Today Messianic Jews are found almost everywhere in the Jewish state where they endeavor to shape their own identity, theology and calling. To do so, it is crucial they take into account significant historical events that have contributed to defining the Messianic Jewish movement.

Only with a thorough reckoning of its modern history will the Messianic Jewish movement begin to understand who they are today and how to face the challenges of tomorrow. This series will seek to answer some of these crucial questions. How old is the Messianic Jewish movement and where are its roots? Why do many Jews convert to Christianity and adopt Gentile Christian traditions? Can Messianic Jews blur the historic and social borderlines between Christianity and Judaism? What is the practical meaning of being at the same time both Jewish and Christian? Theologically, do the modern Christian Jews fully accept the dogmas and creeds of the churches?


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