MembersHow to Speak About God in Today’s World

Dogmatically harping on issues like homosexuality, abortion and Israel misses the point of how the Bible teaches us to communicate

Photo: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

Every period of history and every new generation need to hear the truth about God and His moral standards. We all must learn how to communicate in a way that is relevant for every human being on earth. Understanding God’s role as communicator throughout history is essential to build a bridge of understanding between the stories of the Bible and the issues of our time, whether it be how we understand the geo-political realities of modern Israel, or any of the many crucial issues we face in the modern world.

Right from the Garden of Eden, God continually seeks to “talk” with man. Clear communication is part of His nature, a part that He imparted to humanity when He created us in His own image. To be human is to communicate, that is to say what must be said in a form and language that can be understood.

God’s method of communication is incarnation. The Almighty reveals Himself in ordinary situations of our very human lives. At the heart of all effective communication is a person-to-person encounter.


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