I have no other country…

Whether you like it or not, whether you choose or not, or how much we pray or not, We, in Israel, still find ourselves in a bloody conflict with the Arabs.

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Whether you like it or not,
whether you choose or not,
or how much we pray or not,
We, in Israel, still find ourselves in a bloody conflict with the Arabs.

Sending our children to schools and kindergartens with concerns that the bus will explode on the way.
Or some madman will ram his car into those waiting at a bus station at full force and crush them sending their bodies flying in all directions.
We travel the streets – whether to a supermarket, school, or work, or just to meet with friends – and some crazy kid could pursue us with a knife indiscriminately plunging it into someone’s body as long as the victim is Jewish.
And life here become more bizarre as time goes by.

People walk around with guns, tear gas, and those without will use any means – a club, a rolling pin or even a selfie-stick. Anything in order to defend onesself from monstrous attacks.
In the last week people were seen walking the streets with sticks, looking in all directions making sure nothing suspicious appears or even an attacker.
As the days passed one saw fewer and fewer people on the streets, the malls were empty, markets empty and even cafes were empty.
People only did necessary errands and business and quickly returned to their homes or offices their “safe” places.
Even kindergartens and schools went on strike because parents felt that there was not enough security. Parents volunteered to do guard duty shifts. Some even refused to send their children to school.

The question is have we become accustomed to the situation?
This is a bizarre question, because on the one hand, yes, we have become accustomed to these difficult situations. On the other hand we want to live.
For God’s sake let us live in peace, we really do not want war.
We love and revere life, work, fun and togetherness with family and friends.

All we want is to live a normal quiet and simple life.

We are fed up with becoming accustomed with the situation, we are tired of this madness.
The worst madness is always accompanied with the cry “Allah HuAkbar” – “Allah is Greatest” heard as each terrorist commits his attack.
I ask, “what kind of god sanctifies such things? What kind of god demands such hatred? What kind of god?”
Then comes the news from the world which seems to twist the knife in the wound and just exacerbates the bleeding wound.

Terrorists are presented as the unfortunate victims, those protecting lives as the killers.
Everything upside down.
It’s frustrating and disparaging.
How many strikes can one absorb? How many?
Israel has become accustomed to severe beatings.
And yet Israel still remains merciful and compassionate.
And this is the truth even if the world says otherwise.

And your role is to be attentive.
To be ambassadors and show your love through your actions.
I really mean that – I have no other country…

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