IDF Finds Another Hezbollah Tunnel Under Northern Border

PM Netanyahu visits soldiers on northern border, warns Hezbollah against opposing IDF’s Operation Northern Shield

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It's been more than a week since Israel launched "Operation Northern Shield" to identify and destroy tunnels dug under the northern border by Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist militia. On Tuesday, a third such tunnel was discovered in the mountainous region.

( Photo: IDF )

In a public statement, the Israeli army reported that just as with the first two tunnels it found, the third has now been booby-trapped with heavy explosives so that it cannot be safely used from the Lebanese side. Israel holds the government of Lebanon directly responsible for these cross-border infractions, which constitute a gross violation of UN Resolution 1701.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid the soldiers on the northern border a visit and was briefed on the progress of the operation (see below photo). He praised the soldiers for their efforts, and warned Hezbollah against any attempts to oppose the Israeli operation: "If Hezbollah makes the mistake, and decides, in any way, to attack us or to oppose our operation, they will be hit with unimaginable blows."

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

Netanyahu also explained that the operation had been carefully planned in secret, and that Israeli officials knew of the tunnels, but were careful not to let Hezbollah know of their plans. So far, Operation Northern Shield is going according to those plans, but the IDF remains prepared for any surprises.

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