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Israel Today would like to establish a connection between our readers and Israeli start-ups, so we are pleased to introduce Clariter

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For Israel Today it is important to build a connection between our readers and Israel, including its wonderful startup companies. Because those who bless Israel can also benefit materially.

In this article we are pleased to introduce you to the Israeli company Clariter, which is looking for investors. Israel Today partners with ExitValley, which enables anyone to invest in Israel’s startup ecosystem and share in its success. If you are interested in investing in any of these companies, write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

A minimum investment of $50,000 is required.


In an era when we are constantly striving to reuse, recycle and reduce waste, why is there still so much plastic garbage? The Israeli clean-tech company Clariter wants to help put an end to it and become better stewards ofour planet.

And that’s not all… There is a unique opportunity to invest in this innovative company – to actively participate in rescuing the environment and also to bless Israel!

Recycling extends the lifespan of plastics by turning plastic waste into new plastic products. Clariter’s unique “upcycling” technology turns plastic waste into three industrial ingredients: oils, waxes and solvents. These can be used to create more than 1,000 oil-free products. Imagine your plastic waste turning into car wax, furniture polish or your favorite scented candle!

Clariter doesn’t see plastic waste as a problem. They see it as a valuable resource from which pure ingredients are extracted for products. It’s a process that creates jobs, strengthens local communities and cleans our planet. Literally win-win-win.

Clariter is an innovative clean-technology company with operations in Israel and on four continents, including a research and development facility in Poland and an industrial-scale facility in South Africa. Their determined team of scientists, professors and engineers have dedicated the last 17 years to perfecting the proprietary technology.

A good solution to pollution

By the end of 2028, Clariter will have rid the Earth of 2 million tons of plastic waste that would otherwise have ended up sitting in landfills, or being incinerated. Instead, it will be recycled to make 1.7 million tons of pure products that Clariter then sells to industry. Not only will this reduce CO2 emissions by almost 1 million tons, it will also create thousands of much-needed new jobs.

Products made from plastic waste – Image: Clariter

Chemical recycling

Unfortunately, not all plastic can be recycled. In fact, with conventional mechanical recycling, only a small percentage of the waste is suitable. This is mainly due to the high sorting requirements of the technology. Waste that is mechanically recycled becomes “new” plastic, which then becomes waste again after use – however, this time with reduced material quality, which means that it is often no longer suitable for recycling. And then what? Unfortunately, the usual solution is landfill or incineration. It was therefore necessary to develop new and innovative technologies that would enable the recycling of a wider range of plastics.

This was the birth of chemical recycling. Chemical recycling refers to technologies that return plastic waste to its basic chemical building blocks after use. They can either be used to make new plastic or to create chemicals, fuels and other products, usually feedstock-based. Clariter transforms plastic waste that nobody wants into high-quality industrial oils, waxes and solvents that are used to create thousands of products that everyone needs.

Through advanced recycling, the company helps preserve the original value of plastics, helps conserve natural resources and helps reduce the use of fossil fuels.

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