Is Antisemitism Again Forcing Jews out of Germany?

Many Germans are so fearful of upsetting the large Muslim immigrant population, that they side against Israel by default

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Antisemitism
Is Israel about to experience a fresh influx of Jewish immigrants from Europe? Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Watch a report by i24 claiming that many young German Jews are heading for Israel in the face of growing antisemitism in the country. 

Israel Today spoke to Moriel, a young Israeli Jew who lives in Germany, to confirm this report. “Yes, it’s true,” Moriel told us this morning from Munich in a phone conversation. “People here talk about the politics in the Middle East and blame Israel. It’s mostly to do with the Palestinians,” she said. 

“The Germans are afraid of terrorism. So they try to be as nice as possible to the people who have moved here from Arab countries,” Moriel, who served in the IDF before immigrating to Germany with her husband, explained. “Most Germans just accept their (Muslim) point of view and they are willing to bad-mouth Israel even though it is not true,” she said. “It’s mostly fear because of all the people coming from Arab lands. And then of course they take it out on the Jews or Israelis,” she emphasized. 

Today there are still close to 200,000 Jews living in Germany. Most of these form part of the core Jewish population, but many young Jewish Israelis are also moving to the German Republic in search of better paying jobs and better living conditions.

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