Hamas: Normalization With Israel is Treachery

Medieval-style antisemitism remains commonplace among Palestinian leaders

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hamas, Antisemitism
Photo: Emad Nassar/Flash90

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras, who directs the Hamas faction in the Palestinian Arab parliament, said on Sunday that normalization with the “occupation state” (a reference to Israel) is a crime against Islam and betrayal on a national level. 

He went on to condemn the recent resumption of direct flights from Israel to Morocco, which were stopped two decades ago. According to Abu Ras, any rapprochement with Israel is merely a cover for the “occupation” and the continuation of Israeli crimes of “oppression, killing and settlements.” 

According to Abu Ras normalization only harms the Palestinian people and constitutes an “outright attack on Palestinian rights.”

Abu Ras publicly denied the Holocaust on Gaza television earlier this year. He claimed that antisemitism and the persecution of Jews throughout history are the result of “their deeds and crimes.” 

In 2017, he claimed that the Jewish people were “the dirtiest nation” with “the worst moral values ​​known to humanity,” accusing them of “recruiting AIDS-infected girls to commit fornication with Muslim youth.” 

In 2012, Abu Ras also said that “every single disaster on the face of the earth” can be linked to the Jews.

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