MembersIs Netanyahu God’s Servant?

In Israel’s upcoming national election, the main issue won’t be the peace process or the division of Jerusalem.

By Aviel Schneider und Avshalom Kapach |
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

This time, most voters are focused on a national moral dilemma. Should Israel’s reigning prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, be removed from office on suspicions of corruption, despite the fact that a majority believe him to be one of the most effective leaders and statesmen in Israel’s modern history? Israel’s economy is stable, our foreign policy is strong, tourists are flooding into the country and Netanyahu is counted among the most influential politicians in the world, swinging far above tiny nation’s weight class. What’s more important to a nation: a national leader with a clean slate, or one who exudes strength and can skillfully pilot the ship?

Is it permitted us to turn a blind eye to the charges of corruption against Bibi, to use his popular nickname, just because a majority are of the opinion that the State of Israel would be lost without him? “What difference does it make if Bibi received cigars and champagne from friends? That doesn’t bother me,” I hear over and over again from his constituents. My neighbor even thinks...

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