We've done all we can think of to beat Corona, and it's not working. Gili Yaari/Flash90

Israel Already Has the Way to Beat Corona

This isn’t the first time Israel faces a pandemic. Shouldn’t we look to Scripture to learn how they prevailed in the past?


Nothing we have done has come close to getting us out of the Corona crisis, and now after a year of trying it is only getting worse. Is it time to look elsewhere for an answer?

Let’s face it, we’ve locked-down, shutdown, vaccinated millions, worn masks (now two), fined people for breaking the rules, closed our schools, businesses, the airport, and tried every way known to man to fight this pestilence. Yet here in the world’s “startup nation” it is only getting worse. Do we really believe more respirators, vaccinations, masks, and testing are going to do the trick, or is it time we started looking elsewhere for answers?

How long will we continue to stumble around in confusion before we realize that there are some things that human ingenuity alone cannot control?

Throughout history, whenever pestilence and disease attacked the people of Israel, they wondered and asked why this is happening. To ask why is to wonder what we must do to take responsibility for what is happening. It is certainly not...


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