Israel Braces for Iranian Missile Attack

Israel on edge after evening news broadcasts warns of impending Iranian missile strike on Jewish state

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Israel was on edge Monday after every evening news program cited defense officials warning of a impending Iranian missile strike on the Jewish state.

According to the reports, Iran is looking to retaliate for deadly airstrikes on its military installations in Syria.

However, Israel's defense officials believe Iran is hoping to avoid sparking an all-out war with the Jewish state, and so will have its proxies in Syria carry out a missile strike on an IDF base in the north of the country.

Officials who spoke to Israel's news networks said they had positively identified Iranian preparations for such an attack, and believe it will come very soon.

Regardless of the precautions it is taking, it is widely expected that an attack by Iran's proxies would result in Israel launching an all-out assault on the Islamic Republic's military build-up in Syria.

This is particularly true after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated at the weekend that if war with Iran is inevitable, he'd prefer to fight it sooner rather than later.

PHOTO: Israel's anti-missile defense systems are on high alert. (IDF/Flash 90)

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