Israel Demolishes Illegal European House

European Union has built hundreds of houses illegally on state-owned land in service to the ‘Palestinian cause’

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An illegally built house situated just a few hundred yards from the Hebrew University on Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus was torn down by police this week.

The structure had been put up on state-owned land that is designated as a national park. It’s construction was not coordinated with Israeli authorities. The building bore the symbol of the European Union, which has of late been aiding the Palestinian Arabs in creating “facts on the ground.”

“After years of research into the phenomenon of illegal European settlement building in and around Jerusalem, we congratulate the local authorities for finally enforcing the law,” said Ari Briggs, director of Regavim, an NGO monitoring illegal construction on the Palestinian side, in remarks to Arutz 7.

Briggs noted that there are almost 500 more such buildings in the area.

The European Union’s complicity in such pro-Palestinian endeavors is no surprise, though the audacity of this particular European interference is on a different level from previous campaigns.

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