Israel Urges Rapid COVID Vaccination for All Teenagers

Top health official warns that “Delta” variant of COVID-19 is a “game-changer,” is particularly contagious among youth

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Vaccine
Israel pushes vaccination for teenagers and youth
Photo: Flash90

Teenagers were at one point considered “immune.”

In the early days of the coronavirus crisis in March of 2020 then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested deploying teens to disinfect public areas. They couldn’t be infected. Or so it was assumed.

Now teenagers are at the forefront of several isolated, but concerning COVID-19 outbreaks in Israel. And top health officials are warning that youth are particularly vulnerable to the new “Delta” variant of the virus.

The Delta variant “is a game-changer. It is taking control the world over. It’s far more contagious,” explained Gabi Barbash, a former director-general of the Health Ministry. “It also hits youths and children.”

Barbash told Channel 12 News that every Israeli child aged 12-15 should get vaccinated immediately.

Israel approved the Pfizer vaccine for children over the age of 12 several weeks ago. But there was no public relations campaign to encourage parents to get their kids jabbed.

With the recent outbreaks public demand for youth vaccination has spiked, and the Health Ministry is now reportedly in favor of issuing a direct recommendation for parents to vaccinate their children.

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