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Members“Back to Life” Thanks to God and Pfizer

Following reader concerns, Israel Today took a poll and spoke to experts to answer widespread fears of the Pfizer vaccine

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Israel looks forward to getting back to life, thanks to Pfizer vaccine
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Why are people in Israel less afraid of the corona vaccination than people in the West, especially those in Europe? In the past few weeks we have received increasing numbers of emails from readers expressing their outrage over Israel’s accelerated vaccination process. I have personally spoken to readers on the phone in order to understand their position on this matter. It’s too big a risk, some say. Others are skeptical over the fact that the vaccine was developed in just a few months, when usually it takes 10 years or more to get approved.

Over 65 percent of our readers consider Israel’s vaccination drive to be dangerous. According to our survey, in which 500 subscribers participated, only 30 percent describe Israel’s vaccination program as being “good” or “very good.” Five percent don’t care whether Israelis get vaccinated or not.

There is an infinite amount of information for and against vaccinations floating around on social media. Encouragement, doubts, fears and conspiracy theories are spreading rapidly. Here and there Israel is even described as acting as a guinea pig...

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