Israeli Craft Beer Tsvi Sadan

Israeli Beer: More Than Just Humorous Labels

Israel’s craft beer industry is growing up, and beginning to rival the big import labels


Often our editorial assignments are demanding, even difficult to accomplish. Writing on Israeli beer proved to be just that. At noon I arrived at BeerBazaar, the first Israeli beer stand at Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market, founded in 2013. I must admit, after consuming several samples, the assignment got much easier.

Israeli craft beer is a relatively new phenomenon. Dancing Camel, the first craft beer brewery established in Tel Aviv in 2005, was the initiative of American Jews whose “mission” was “to return a millennia-old brewing tradition to its rightful home.” Today, there are at least 150 small breweries doing their best to convince Israelis to switch from commercial mainstays like Heineken to more appealing, locally-crafted alternatives.

Speaking of a “millennia-old brewing tradition,” there was an attempt to do just that. Ancient Mediterranean beer, so the experts tell us, was made from sugar-rich fruits like dates. In 2014, the small brewery (they are all small) Mivshelet Beertzinut (which translates as “Serious Brewing” while using a cute play on words by including the English word “beer”) launched...


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