MembersIsraeli Biker Arrested for Trying to Photograph Chimpanzees

An Israeli man who has been traveling in Africa for over a year on an off-road motorcycle was arrested in a remote area of ​​the West African nation of Guinea after trying to photograph chimpanzees in a nature reserve without paying entrance fees.

By Yoni Israel |
Photo: Yossi Aloni

Following a lengthy chase, police eventually captured Elhanan Oren, 27, and locked him away under harsh conditions. Fortunately, Oren only spent one night in jail thanks to the quick intervention of Israel’s ambassador to Senegal, Paul Hirschson.

Over the past 12 months, Oren has visited many countries across Africa, and has dutifully documented his spectacular journey on Facebook. His photos with lions, giraffes, rare monkeys, crocodiles, snakes and elephants have all been a big hit with many Israelis.

In mid-April, Oren crossed the border from Liberia into neighboring Guinea. An innkeeper suggested that he visit the Boussau Nature Reserve, which is home to thousands of chimpanzees, but noted the entrance fee. Oren politely declined the advice, noting that he’d been taking photos of wildlife all over Africa without having to pay for that privilege, and he wasn’t about to start now. The next day, Oren went to the edge of...

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