Israeli Conquers Himalayan Peak

An Israeli has reached the top of the world’s 10th highest mountain.

By Israel Today Staff |
NADAV BEN YEHUDA Photo: PR Anna Godjbidzh)

Located in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal, Annapurna stands at 8,091 meters (26,545 feet). When mountain climber Nadav Ben Yehuda completed the arduous journey, he planted the Israeli flag on the snowy summit.

Annapurna is one of the most dangerous peaks to climb and only professionals are allowed to attempt it. But Ben Yehuda is not only brave; he’s also a hero.

In 2012, Nadav was 300 meters short of reaching the summit of Mount Everest when he came upon an unconscious Turkish climber who was dying. He stopped to apply first aid, almost losing his hand from frostbite. Rather than continue to the summit, he assisted in the evacuation of the hiker. His valor earned him Israel’s Presidential Medal of Honor.

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