Israeli Government Leader Initiates Support for Kurds

The Kurds are perhaps Israel’s only natural ally in the Middle East, with a connection spanning millennia

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: Kurds
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Against the backdrop of Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds, a Knesset lobby has been established to strengthen Israel-Kurdish relations.

MK Eli Avidar (Israel Beiteinu), a member of the Provisional Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, initiated the special lobby.

The caucus will work to form a coalition of Israeli, Jewish and international organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to the Kurdish people. The caucus will promote support for the rights and struggle of the Kurdish people and try to prevent the international community from ignoring the Kurdish issue.

The Kurds are the world’s largest people group without an independent sovereign state. Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey do not recognize Kurdish nationalism, and in some of these countries Kurds are denied rights and autonomy. Most of the Kurdish refugees live in harsh conditions in the various countries where they are dispersed, especially in Syria, where there is a severe civil war under the rule of Bashar al-Assad. They are under constant attack by Turkey. According to Avidar, the whole world is silent while a nation is paying with its life.

“The Jewish people have a historical and moral obligation to the Kurdish people. Since the exile to the Assyrian kingdom in 722 BC, the Jews lived in Kurdistan and could live a Jewish life under the protection of the village leaders. The Kurds were also the only ones who helped Iraqi Jews escape the riots and in one case I know very well they smuggled the family of the late Royal Fouad Gabay, who was brought to the gallows on January 27, 1969,” Avider added.

MK Avidar emphasized that “the Kurds and Jews have been linked in a blood covenant. The Jewish people who throughout history have suffered the silence of other peoples and the State of Israel must join the Kurdish people in their struggle.”


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