Israeli Schoolboy Finds Ancient Figurine

Valuable find dated back to the Canaanite period, and likely depicts the fertility goddess Astarte

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A seven-year-old boy from Beit She’an in northern Israel discovered a small ancient figurine during a weekend family trip to the archeological excavations are nearby Tel Rehov.

The clay female figurine has been dated to the Canaanite period, roughly the 15th to 13th century BC.

Prof. Amichai Mazar of the Hebrew University suggested that the figurine is linked to the Canaanite goddess of fertility Astarte, who is mentioned in the Bible.

The boy’s family immediately reported the find to the Antiquities Authority, which in turn sent an official to the boy’s school to explain to the students the importance of such finds in order to understand the history of the country.

In fact, the boy’s teacher had recently taught on ancient idolatry in the land, so the timing of the find and the visit by the Antiquities Authority couldn’t have been better.

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