Israeli Scientist Discovers God Pexels

Israeli Scientist Discovers God

Professor Aurbach grew up an atheist but is now excited about the Creator

by David Shishkoff

Professor Doron Aurbach is a leading Israeli scientist and a recognized innovator in the field of electrochemistry and new battery technologies. In the race to keep your smartphone charged longer, as well as your hybrid electric car battery – his field is in high demand.

Aurbach is a professor of chemistry at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He grew up in an atheist Israeli home with Holocaust-survivor parents. He received a normal, secular (standard evolutionary) education at home and school. The Bible was seen as a wonderful cultural and literary achievement of the Jewish people, but with no actual, binding influence on modern life.

He served in the IDF as an officer in the Golani infantry reconnaissance unit. Then, Aurbach recounted in an interview he gave years ago:

“I studied in an Israeli university, advancing to obtain a doctorate in chemistry. While learning biochemistry for my doctorate, it became unequivocally clear to me that the universe and especially life, could not have come about by chance evolution as I had...


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