Israeli Woman Slams Leftist Media for Interviewing the Father of Her Father’s Killer

Our progressive liberal society cares so much about “understanding” the pain of our enemies that it ignores our own pain

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Our progressive liberal society is so obsessed with "understanding" everyone's pain that we've taken to sympathizing with even our most intractable foes.

The problem is that in the more serious battles facing us today, our enemies do not operate under the same societal norms. As a result, our good-faith gestures are interpreted as weakness, which encourages even more violence, thus perpetuating the conflicts we all claim to be trying to solve.

No group is more guilty of this brand of destructive naiveté than the mainstream media.

An Israeli woman on Monday lashed out at Israel Channel 12 News for conducting a solicitous interview with the father of the Palestinian terrorist whose 2015 attack at the Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem's Old City resulted in her own father's death.

Gaya Ben Ari wrote:

"Like every other day, I turned on the television to watch the news…and suddenly see the father of the terrorist who murdered my father being given a public platform… Have we become a nation that gives voice to the families of terrorists who murder and massacre our own brothers? For what??? So that the father of this terrorist can express pride in what his son did?? Why broadcast this???? What reaction are you hoping from us? I really don't understand it!!!!! What has become of us??? Instead of showing that you are doing something for us, you are giving a platform to these animals that murdered my father! … We've become a nation of leftists!"

In the segment that so upset Gaya Ben Ari, Channel 12 was interviewing a man identified as Abu Salach, who repeatedly referred to his son as a "holy martyr." Channel 12 wanted to "understand" the hardships the man's family had faced after Israel demolished their home in response to the son's deadly act of terror.

On December 23, 2015, two young Palestinian men pulled out knives and began stabbing passersby just outside Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate. Two Israelis were stabbed. One was killed outright, and the second suffered serious injuries.

Ofer Ben Ari saw the commotion from his car, and immediately ran toward the terrorists to put an end to their bloody rampage. As he engaged the killers, Ben Ari was hit by a stray bullet fired by Israel Border Police officers who were also responding to the attack.

Gaya was just 16-years-old when she lost her father. Who can blame her for becoming enraged by seeing the people responsible for her dear dad's untimely death coddled on national television? Why is there so little concern for the pain we cause our own people by making theater of identifying with the pain of our unrepentant enemies?

PHOTO: Gaya Ben Ari is consoled during her father's funeral in 2015. (Miriam Alster/FLASH90)


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