Israelis Against Israel

Israel has become predisposed to its own anti-Israel trendsetters, making Israel her own worst enemy

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The appearance of Hagai El-Ad (pictured) before the UN Security Council (UNSC) marks another low point in the long history of Jews defaming their own people. 

El-Ad is CEO of B’Tselem, an Israeli NGO established in 1989 to protect the human rights of Palestinian Arabs. But as is the case with so many other human rights organizations, B’Tselem’s real agenda is to force Israel back to its 1949 borders. 

That B’Tselem’s concern for human rights is but a facade was revealed when a spokesperson tried to explain the UNSC appearance to Israeli news anchor Dan Margalit. Try as he might, Margalit could not get the B’Tselem representative to say that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

It was B’Tselem that initiated the distribution of small video cameras so that Palestinians could document the actions of IDF soldiers. Predictably, this quickly resulted in staged provocations against the soldiers, some of whom were injured in the process. It was one such camera that caught Elor Azaria killing a wounded terrorist in Hebron last year. The ensuing court case demonstrated just how effective B’Tselem and its cohorts have become in rallying opinion against Israel.

As if by design, El-Ad’s UNSC speech sparked further tension between Israel and the US. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to condemn the NGO, and Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called on the world body to stop interfering in Israel’s internal affairs. 

America’s alternate representative to the UN, David Pressman, in turn backed El-Ad’s diatribe by commending B’Tselem “for sharing their technical expertise” and stating that “it is vital that all governments protect and create an atmosphere that all voices can be heard.”

US State Department Spokesperson Edgar Vasquez expressed similar support for this subversive organization: “We have said many times in the past, we believe that it is important that governments defend the freedom of expression … we are grateful for the efforts of non-governmental organizations both in the US and in Israel, and that includes Peace Now in the US and B’Tselem, which continue to inform us about the fundamental issues that occur on the ground, including the settlements enterprise.” 

It sounds bizarre, but the reality is that radical left-wing Israeli organizations have become informants for the US administration.

What angered Netanyahu and countless other Israelis about El-Ad’s speech is the fact that B’Tselem is fanning the flames of hostility toward Israel, which already suffers from severe bias at the UN. In expressing the thoughts of most Israelis, Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook that “B’Tselem and US Friends of Peace Now joined the slander choir against Israel [by] recycling the false claim that ‘occupation and settlements’ are the source of the conflict.”

Netanyahu was restrained compared to others, who flatly accused B’Tselem of treason. Labor Party activist and lawyer Yuval Mor Mously went so far as to file a criminal complaint for treason against the NGO. As in many other Western nations, in Israel the law allows for the death penalty in cases of treason, though this option has never been exercised. 

Like so many other things in our day, treason is looked upon as archaic and even justifiable. Celebrated Israeli author Amos Oz dedicated his latest novel to reexamining the meaning of treason. Titled Judas, Oz uses the book to redefine what it means to be a traitor, so that it fits people like him who actively aid the Palestinian cause. Given that the Israeli judicial system is predisposed to opinion-makers like Oz, it seems highly unlikely that the Knesset will pursue a legal course of action in these cases.


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